Wednesday 10 November 2010


Konzertreihe im alten Leichenschauhaus

20.11. 19.00
Hannoversche Str. 6
10115 Berlin

A meeting of four - Francesco Cavaliere, Christopher Kline, Michael Northam, Marcel Türkowsky -presenting tonal cluster improvisations around 'B' (123.5Hz) - involving the illusion of silence, the transmutation of space and time via an assembly of air, string and electronic instruments which are sustained in vibration creating a slowly-transforming “tonal cloud” centered around a common target of 'b'—opening curtains of ether inside a mass of vertical sound.

"Inspired by the characters from Tarkowsky's 'Stalker' which throw beacons into an unknown landscape to establish a pathway through a dangerous zone, similarly we four throw a singular element (the tone 'B') into a zone of apparitions (the morgue) to find a way to unfold time and perception of the moment. Through staring and listening into the void, we wish to evoke something that is not yet visible, but might be imagined through our sound - rising and then evaporating into the 'zone'."
Voice + Electronic Harp

Spark Line (accelerating)
A pair of wires are stretched in parallel across a space about one half inch apart.
The wires are charged to 12000 volts to produce a line of sparks of the power source is controlled to gradually increasing density and intensity.
The sound of this line of sparks is recorded and played back in the space with the rate of playback initially
many times slower than the record rate and slowly increased until it many times faster than the record rate.
e piece ends when playback coincides with recording

Lisa Esswein, Florian Hanisch, Alex Ho man,

Alex Santa-Cruz, Erik Stahnke, Jessica Etoumane Etoua,

Henrik Van Coler

Installations, Concert Works and Performances

+ two Performances of Four (6) by John Cage