Monday 17 May 2010

moltonman has special powers...

as a baby he was abandoned on the street on the door of a sound engineer. the sound engineer subsequently took him in and the boy grew up sleeping in the engineer's sound-proofed studio. the engineer didnt have lots of extra money so to keep the baby warm he made blankets from extra pieces of unused molton. then, over the years, due to strange temperatures and other sonic factors related to spending so many years in the studio while the engineer made sound experiments (as well as other unknown facts about the babies possible extraterrestrial origins) the engineer noticed that the molton had began to morph into the young boy's skin until he became barely recognisable as a human being. the engineer called him the moltonboy.

today the boy is grown up and he is moltonman is able to absorb sounds and act as a sonic safety shield in hazardous or annoying situations. he can also stop music, making things quiet when is needed, and uses silence to great effect in his molton dances and acts of heroism. oh! and he likes to have fun. in fact most of the time he is just a regular friendly guy who likes dancing (the compassion of his surrogate father, the sound engineer, left a legacy to always use his silencing powers for the good of humanity).

recently moltonman made new friends with the silent screams. when the silent screams are jamming and screaming, moltonman is in ecstasy. the silent screams sure know how to party.