Saturday 23 October 2010


Friday 22nd 2010
open doors 8pm
start 9pm

Konzertreihe im alten Leichenschauhaus
Concerts at the old Morgue

Friday October 22nd 2010
open doors 8pm
start 9pm

Julius Holtz (DE) - Corpus : Sonus

The piece “Corpus : Sonus” is an acousmatic composition for a multichannel
loudspeaker installation based on the noise of the city and the so-called
“trance inducing monochrome sounds” - sounds which have healing properties
used in medicine and music therapy. The piece is reminiscent of the traditional
dichotomy between harmony and dissonance. These two contrastingly
positioned musical events are brought into the modern day and observed
from a medicinal perspective. Many studies prove that noise has a negative
influence on the vegetative nervous system, whilst sounds from instruments
used in sound and music therapy have a positive effect on the health.
‘Corpus : Sonus’ uses these sounds and works them into a composition in
which the two poles of the dichotomy are present, yet simultaneously fuse
with one another.

Cult of Narah (DE)

‘Realtime Music’ - musical Tales of the everlasting, but almost forgotten
conflict since the existence of reality. Cult of Narah induces a tonal miniature
of the opposing forces to let them cause a chain reaction that will let the entire
world approach to the so called “State - D”, which is the omnipresent and
eternal absence of everything.

D.C.S - DEAD COMPOSERS SOCIETY is an Electro-Acoustic Concert evening as part
of the exhibition PHONAUTOPSY - Klang Körper Konservierung at the old Morgue of the Charité Berlin. Hannoversche Straße 6, 10115 Berlin